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Cathrine Silver
Cathrine Silver


Certified Health Counseling

I'm Cathrine Silver, a holistic health counselor. I work with you to rewrite—or reboot your unresolved emotional traumas, conflicts and our negative internal dialogue—the stories we carry that trigger dis-eases and illness within. If we can change the invisible vibrational patterns—increase our self-worth and do our internal “work”, we can create a life of true well-being and free from illness. The triad of true wellness and lasting vitality must include our mental-emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

Cathrine Silver


My Beliefs

I believe that the body is designed to be self-healing. Everyone already knows exercise, good nutrition, and positive thoughts are key. So, what is the missing link? Maybe, just like the wifi connection to the internet, we need the proper connection to ourselves and to our innate divine wisdom.

Ancient wisdom circles around to give answers to modern-day wellness; the answers are within. I can assist anyone ready to commit and take this journey of self-healing. All journeys begin with one step and a commitment to the self. Mind, body, and spirit in tandem = rejuvenation of self.

Cathrine Silver
Cathrine Silver


My Assurance

As an ordained minister and Shamanic healer, I ensure a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve your wellness goals through various services, including Relationship Challenges, Grief Counseling, Biological Decoding, Channeling, or your Spiritual Awakening.

My education, intuitive guidance and more than a dozen years of personal experience give me a greater understanding, guiding those suffering from grief, illness, or stress as they rediscover happiness and regain energy to take their lives back.


Thank you for helping me put the pieces of my life together.

Much Love,

Jan M.

(Note sent along with a heart puzzle)

Oh Cathrine,

What an earth angel you are! Thank you for sharing your amazing expertise and love with me. You have such a deep well of compassion and are so tapped into listening and using the tools you have been given to help others alleviate human suffering body, mind and spirit. Thank you for helping unlock and release a major belief and thought virus that has been running my body system and external circumstances for years. With this piece released, I feel that I can allow myself to flourish and share the gifts of contribution that are the most meaningful to me in my heart. Especially in healing my family timeline past and future. I am in tears as I write this . . .

Pamela B.

Good afternoon Cathy,
I feel blessed, slightly enraptured, hopeful. I KNOW that I am healing and that there is still work for me to do. But I KNOW I’m getting there and will one day be using this body to speak normally and carry on with the adventure. I am so very grateful, and the help you have been giving me. I am so in awe of the earth angel you are.

Catherine O.

I love you ❤️ Thank you so much. I feel new. I am looking forward to a future. CAL (cells are listening). I will THRIVE! 💝

Mary M.