Client Testimonials

Hear what Lynn Everard has to say about working with Cathy Silver, and
the way his life has changed as a result:

A Few More Comments From Cathy’s Clients

Cathrine Silver

“Cathy Silver has joined the ranks of true friend and colleague in my life. Cathy is a metaphysician in her own right and brings humor and love to all that she does. She is not averse to rolling up her sleeves and diving into painful situations with her deep level of understanding and knowledge base. We are all energy in human shells, here to raise the vibration of this planet with love and compassion. I can think of few people who embody this understanding the way Cathy does. To all of you reading this post, Namaste…”

~Deborah H. Grossman, RN, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy
– Healing & Loss Recovery, Hollywood Healing Center

Cathrine Silver

“Cathy has inspired me to reach my goals in manageable increments for over a year. We began with nutritional and exercise but I soon realized Cathy has a knack for mining underground emotions and root causes which are excuses for sabotaging my success. With her help, I lost 25 pounds in 4 months. What I love most about my coaching with Cathy is a consistent positive spin on anything I bring to our sessions. I feel perfect, whole and complete.”

~Cheri R., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Cathrine Silver

“I worked with Cathy for 6 months. Her knowledge of nutrition, handouts and support helped me to overcome challenging health issues and lost 15 pounds! I highly recommend her work!

~Michael B., Hollywood, FL

Cathrine Silver

“Cathy helped me believe that I am a powerful woman, co-creating my future. I am an immigrant from Israel. Cathy was the best thing that could have happen to me. She is a woman of her word and very professional. She brought me back hope to my hurt. I love this woman.”

~Orly b. M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Cathrine Silver

“Cathy has been an inspiration. She is brilliant, passionate, kind, and spiritual. Cathy has amazing insight. Cathy has taught me about lifestyle, transformation and how to create a sense of empowerment. The funny thing is, food is not the focus … so not what I initially thought. Our sessions are thought provoking, meaningful and filled with love and light. Having Cathy enter my life, has transformed me in a million ways … thank you … thank you Cathy!”

~Marlene L., Cooper City, FL

Cathrine Silver

“I am a recently divorced woman, close to 50 years of age, who has learned a thing or two about living day to day. In the large scheme of things, what we do in each moment of each day does in fact propel us to the next big transition, decision or shift necessary for intrinsic happiness. It is so important that during these moments a person surrounds themselves with people who genuinely care and share with a level of integrity to the mutual relationship.

“Cathy Silver and I first met in a place and time in life neither one of us would have ever guessed we would ever find each other. She was coaching others after her own life transitions at a conference I attended, and I was rediscovering my identity after being a mom, wife and devoted daughter that put everyone else first for way too long. Many people in my life in that moment thought that I should just continue to be this numb version of me, and the reason was because that worked for them.

“When Cathy walked into my life, I had no idea if it would be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. But, I knew when she and I spoke, the next moves I made toward wherever I was headed made sense for me. Our conversations and interactions are always informative, heartfelt, warm, inviting and logical even though the topics and challenges associated with them would often not be easy and comfortable. Most of the things I had to do to change my personal outlook and behaviors would have to be addressed with conscious effort. I had in many ways forgotten how to challenge myself and thus, had given up on so many of my own dreams.

“It is also important to know which dreams can become reality and determine life choices that are attainable. She encourages me to really look deep in the mirror and into my own heart. I have learned that so many things are really not in my control though my perception was that they were. Now, I know there is a tremendous list of things that were and still are the “To Do List” which is attainable.

“Since meeting Cathy, I have fallen in love again with me and a wonderful man that supports my desire to hit my “To Do List.” I have lived many of my dreams and re-evaluated my career goals. I work daily toward each and every one in steps. I came to this coaching relationship with no expectations figuring then I could not be disappointed. But, in the end, I discovered a new incredible me.

I think about Cathy and what she has meant in my life fairly often. She is always in my thoughts and prayers. I feel blessed that our unplanned, unexpected moment, curve in the road or chance meeting led us to each other. She is an amazing person, coach and friend. If you are considering the life coaching services of Cathy Silver, look no further. You will be pleased above and beyond your expectations.”

– Curly Casino