Cathrine Silver

Towards a Better Life

AS A HOLISTIC HEALTH COUNSELOR, I BEGIN TO PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER WHICH MAKE NO SENSE TO OUR LINEAR MIND—exploring the blind spots and reaching places that might be otherwise out of place. DR. MAX GERSON, MD NOTES “A successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve a restoration of the body in its entirety.”

We scratch our heads when we see road rage or view the behavior in the bully at school or in our workplace. But what underlies all of these behaviors? What do we carry with us from our linage or our ancestors that affects us today? Our childhood? Our DNA? Our e-motions? Our Akash? Nobody is free of wounds. Where is the thread? The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our body is always talking to us; will we only take the time to listen—especially when it is screaming at us for help!

Quantum physicists are confirming that 'subatomic particles' are a frequency of the Universe made up of Vibration and light. The same thing is in us.
Coincidence? You decide.

For over 4,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has been a system based on the notion of harmony and balance. The ancient doctors of India were great sages, and their cardinal belief was that the body is created out of consciousness. Theirs was a medicine of consciousness, and their way of treating disease pierced the body’s matter and went deeper into the core of mind.
In regards to illness, health, and medicine, Zulu culture holds the concept “balance” in a place of significant importance. Balance between individuals and their community, family or clan. Their philosophy of medicine concerns itself with physical conditions, dealing with physiological conundrums, and (2) medicine that is implemented magically and ritualistically to produce a result traditional Zulu medicine as a holistic entity. (Could their term of magic be tapping the quantum field?) Despite this increasing amount of global influence, the wisdom found within traditional Zulu healing remains integral. It must work!

50 years ago, Dr. R.G. Hamer MD, originator of German New Medicine shocked the world when he stated unequivocally that “All disease is provoked by unexpected trauma caused by a shock event.” Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, MD simply states it like this: “When the mind doth bend, disease can end”. And although Steve Jobs had nothing to do with medicine, he was a brilliant mind who saw the world through a different lens and noted, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. I am here to help you connect the dots—rewrite your story—and create a life of wellness. Together we will rediscover your balance. Are you ready?

Katie says: “Cathy the Illumination session was amazing. I knew going into it that I needed to be in surrender. Not only did I feel comfortable I also felt trust in your abilities.

It was one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences. I was able to let go of so much harbored tiredness and sadness. I felt such a calm and peace after. I was excited about how I felt. I feel like I'm enjoying the now so much more!

I experienced a trans-state and a visualization of energies translated in colors. Beginning with joy within minutes of beginning the session, as if my body was happy to receive this treat!

What followed was a strong force of blue light from my feet to my head and out my face. The feeling I got was sadness and heaviness. I translate that as the flushing out of the old stagnant energy.”

Cathrine Silver

Astute Advisors

A Combination of Expertise, Knowledge, Experience and Intuitive Guidance

  • Expertise: training in multiple modalities that harmonize body, mind & spirit.
  • Knowledge: a lineage from the well-worn 3-D medical model to the energetic quantum wellness model understanding that everything is energy, and we are connected to everything.
  • Experience: Over 10 years working with clients.
  • Intuitive Guidance: Quantum eco-system is not done with rules, but with intuition. Intuition never lies.