Shamanic Energy Work

Channeling & Shamanic Energy Restoration Sessions

Channeling, a way of shifting conscious awareness to connect with your loved ones—your angels and guides and your higher self. Get confirmation of those intuitive nudges—and touch in with the loved ones who have passed to the Otherside of the veil. Book a session—and feel leaving better!

Shaman knows that we are more than flesh and bones. For restoration or healing energy to take hold, we must include Spirit and Light or Love of the Creator which is contained within our many layers of the invisible energetic vibration or frequency which we all carry throughout every cell in our body. Quantum physicists are confirming that ‘subatomic particles’ are a frequency of the Universe made up of Vibration and light. The same thing is in us. Coincidence? You decide.

The philosophy in the world of shamanism says, begin with an energetic healing—and then physical body follows as heavy emotions associated with trauma and disease are released and nourishing life energy takes hold. We must lead with the heart—not the intellect. For all healing happens in the heart—which has 5000 times more magnetic energy than the head.

Katie says: Cathy the Illumination session was amazing. I knew going into it that I needed to be in surrender. Not only did I feel comfortable I also felt trust in your abilities. 

It was one of the most beautiful spiritual  experiences. I was able to let go of so much harbored tiredness and sadness. I felt such a calm and peace after. I was excited about how I felt. I feel like Im enjoying the now so much more!

I experienced a trans state and a visualization of energies translated in colors. Beginning with joy within minutes of beginning the session, as if my body was happy to receive this treat!

What followed was a strong force of blue light from my feet to my head and out my face. The feeling I got was sadness and heaviness. I translate that as the flushing out of the old stagnant energy.

Once that was complete what I felt was a beautiful calm and a still white light all over my body (like a cloud). Such peaceable feeling.

Then, something interesting: I saw my body light up in flames. The flames were 2high. But it didnt scare me. It was as if I welcomed it.

 I cant express in other words how much this experience opened my heart and third eye. I feel balanced. 

 I have been going through severe inflammation and pain in my body. My pain has diminished by a lot. Thank you!


Jane says:

Thank you, Cathy.

I released my stone this morning  After my bath and shower I laid down and, of course, was joined by my constant canine companion. I felt peace, relief, and very relaxed; almost a strange detachment from all the usual emotional stress. I was able to let go of time. My thoughts went to my parents as young adults after the war, starting out with a new family. I saw myself as a tiny earth floating through space on my way to my mother’s womb. Looking to either side, above and below I saw many other tiny earths with the same corporal destiny, knowing this was a choice we were all making. I thought of the joy my mother and father must have felt with my birth, the struggles they had and the love I’m sure they felt for each other. I kept visualizing them as young adults.Then old family issues came into my mind and I released them both for my involvement in such.  More importantly I believe I released guilt I was still carrying for not living up to their expectations of me and making their expectations my own, now knowing that my entire life has been about my choices and I should not judge myself any longer, (especially based on someone else’s standards). I also think of my children and releasing them from any expectations I may have had for them, loving and supporting them just the way they are.

I am a new person, growing younger every day.

Thank you again, Cathy.

Much love,